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What is Hypnosis?


HYPNOSIS is a complementary health care modality that has been recognized and effectively used for hundreds of years.  It is a completely safe, relaxing, and very powerful tool for accessing your subconscious mind so that you can create lasting changes in your thoughts and behaviors, and even physiological changes in your body.


It can be defined in a number of ways. Simply put, hypnosis is a process of relaxing your conscious, analytical mind in order to more directly access your subconscious mind, where the bulk of your thoughts, habits and behaviors are stored, and therefore where the work of SUCCESSFULLY CHANGING those thoughts, habits and behaviors must begin.


Will I lose control?


No.   You are in control at all times, so you can't be "made to" do or say anything that you don't want to, or that goes against your values (and you don’t reveal anything that you wouldn’t otherwise reveal).


Will I get stuck in hypnosis?


No.  You cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis.


Hypnosis looks like sleep…is it?


You are not asleep while in hypnosis, though when you emerge, it may feel as though you've just had a wonderful rest.  The hypnotic state is somewhere between full alert consciousness and sleep.


What if I can’t be hypnotized? 


With very few exceptions, most people can be hypnotized.  Some exceptions include those with very low I.Q.s and those with an inability or unwillingness to follow instructions.  And truthfully, if you’ve ever read a good book, watched tv or a movie, you’ve already experienced being in a state of hypnosis.


Does being hypnotized mean that I’m somehow gullible?


On the contrary.  Those who are willing to simply follow instructions usually see positive results quite quickly.




How long are sessions?

Your first session will be anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. Sessions thereafter are roughly 45 minutes to an hour.


How much does a session cost?

Flat fee of $160 per session


How many sessions will I need?


That depends on you. Because it works at the level of your subconscious, hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool that allows you to address and resolve your issues comparatively quite quickly. That said, it is not a magic wand, and you should not expect to have just one hypnosis session and be completely "cured".  While that certainly can and does happen, it is not the norm.  Depending on your particular area of concern, be prepared for at least three to six sessions, though some issues, such as weight loss, certain habits and fears or anxiety, may require more.  Rest assured that it has always been my practice to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, and to instruct you in self-hypnosis, so that you can maintain your new way of "being" all on your own.


Are hypnosis sessions available virtually?

Yes.  Hypnosis sessions are available via zoom and telephone.


What forms of payment do you accept?


I accept cash, check, major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, ApplePay and Apple Cash.



Are you available for educational seminars, workshops, presentations or other events?

Yes, absolutely. The more people who know about and use hypnosis for positive change, the better off we ALL are!


 All sessions are confidential.



Frequently Asked Questions

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